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Mega888 Casino Games in Asia

Firstly, let us answer the question, what is Mega888? Mega888 is the most commonly used mobile casino platform in Asia. It offers over 150 games to its online players, from some of the best game developers on the market. The games are designed around the name of the game with animations.

The platform has a splendid layout and a modern interface, and it is very easy to use, and you won’t have to worry if you are a new online casino player. And since it is one of the most popular mobile casino platforms, you don’t need to have doubt when it comes to the quality of it.

Millions of people have downloaded the Mega888 APK. That is not only because of its amazing games or the stylish interface but also because it is easily accessible for both Android and IOS devices. You will not have any difficulties finding the Mega888 download link and installing the app, and you will be able to enjoy the app in no time.

At Mega888, everyone is focused on winning their prize, and the win rate is extremely high, so you know you are on something good.

Now let us get to the point and tell you all there is about Mega888.



How do you download Mega888?

Downloading the Mega888 APK is very easy; they are different for IOS and Android devices, and you should get the download that suits your operating system. And you can even download the app on your computer via Chrome or Firefox. Check out Mega888 download APK on this page, we constantly update the link with latest version of mega888 app.

When you found the Mega888 APK download, you need to follow the instructions that will be presented on the screen, they are very straightforward, and you won’t have any problems with them. After you are done with the installation of the game, you will need to create an account. You will also have instructions to help you create your account, but creating one is very easy. All you need to do is put in some details about yourself (like your name and surname, your email address, etc.), and you will be good to start playing.

Now let’s talk about all the things you will be able to enjoy once you’ve downloaded and installed the app.


Games available on Mega888

As we said before, Mega888 has over 150 games available, so you can rest assured that there will be a game that suits your needs there. There are all different kinds of games available, like fishing games, live table games, shooting games, etc. And they will not stop there; they have constant updates and new games for its users.

Since the games have been made by some of the best game developers on the market, what you can expect for Mega888 are high-quality games with high resolution. The design of the games is also impeccable, they will make you feel like you are in real life. You will turn to love them in no time.

Some of the most popular games on Mega888 are 7 Crazy, 5 Fortune, Da Sheng Nao Hai, Wolf Hunter, African Wildlife, 8 Ball Slots, Steam Tower, Lucky Little Gods, etc. And some of the live table games that Mega888 offers are Roulette12, Roulette73, Dragon Tiger, Sic Bo, Bulls, Roulette o.

Let us tell you about some of them; we are sure you will love them, just by reading about them.

7 Crazy

It is a very easy to play game, and it is also entertaining. It has a minimalist visual design, which makes it easy for you to focus on the game. It doesn’t have any particular gameplay, and it is also a single pay game; you put in your bet, click spin, and the game does its thing.

African Wildlife

Are you an animal lover? Then this is a perfect game for you! This is a fantastic slot game that takes you around the African Wildlife; it also offers bonuses, free gameplay, and wilds.

Steam Tower

If you are an old slot game player, you will love this one. The esthetics of this game come across as being steampunk. By playing it, you can get free spins and an RTP of 97%.

Let’s talk about the game’s storyline. It begins when the player climbs the steam tower to save its princess from the scary dragon. The Multiplier will increase the player’s winnings as the player climbs up in free spins. The player will get a 7x multiplier as they climb on the top floor.

Wild symbols can substitute all other symbols, and they will give you the best possible winning combinations. What can happen in the main game is that one or more Stacked Wilds cover your whole reel; that would mean that you have to go to the first floor and get ten free spins.

Wolf Hunter

This slot game is fantastic for players who love the Victorian esthetic, horrors and love a spooky game.  As a player in this game, you need to fight werewolves pretending to be humans. In this game, you can win 15 000 coins, and it has 93.6% RTP. It has a high profitability level too.

Da Sheng Nao Hai

It is a beautiful and colorful fishing game that can have up to six players playing at a time. This game is fun, addictive, and challenging. It is very easy to win, that is why it is very famous. The only thing you need to do to get points is to catch the big fish. It also has the biggest jackpot amongst all fishing games.

But we don’t want to tell you too much about the games, why don’t you download Mega888 APK and experience all the fun games for yourself?


Bonuses and Promotions on Mega888

Online casinos often provide their players with free credit giveaways and free cash so they will attract them, and Mega888 is one of them. You can get many bonuses and promotions on Mega888. Mega888 is always making sure that their customers come back, and this is a great way of doing that. Who doesn’t love free stuff, right?

Not only will you get a bonus as a newbie on Mega888, but you can expect daily, weekly and monthly bonuses from this online platform.

We will now tell you about some of the bonuses you can expect when registering on this online casino platform.

As a new player, Mega888 will give you a 150% welcome bonus as soon as you make your first deposit. If you make a daily reload, you will also get a 30% bonus. There is also a ‘refer a friend’ option with which you will get some bonuses too. And one more would be a birthday bonus if you think all this is not enough, maybe the fact that you will get a birthday present from them will change your mind.


Is It Safe to Use?

Our answer is YES! If you were afraid of your information leaking or anything of that sort, you could be sure that things like that never happen on Mega888. Your banking details, payment methods, and personal information are protected with 128-bit encryption, and the game can not be hacked.  And lets say that it was, which is not possible, but let’s imagine it, still the hacker would not be able to find out what your password was unless he knows how to break the encryption.

Mega888 also has all the required licenses; as a game that can be played in many countries in the world, it makes sense that it has all the regulatory requirements of the countries that the game is played in.

They have a strong firewall. With all the updates that are very frequent, Mega888 is fixing all the bugs, glitches, and other problems that you may be facing.

Before any game is licensed, it goes through many strict check-ups, which means that any game with a license is actually legit. And when it comes to security, Mega888 will provide you with everything you need.

As a gamer, you are also available to report any suspicious activity on the app.


Customer Service

Mega888’s customer service is as good as it gets! They offer support around the clock and are there whenever you need them. So, if you have a problem that needs fixing, it will be fixed in no time! Also, there are a lot of ways to actually get the help you need.

You can get help via email, phone, or chat, and be sure that you will get an immediate response. Before going over and contacting Customer Support, make sure to go over the Frequently Asked Questions and see if you could find your answer there.


Payment Methods

In Mega888 you are not putting your money directly into your account and withdrawing it whenever you want. All the payment is done through a ‘casino agent’, not directly to the casino, and how is that? When you log in on Mega888, you need to hire a casino agent who will load up your account whenever you send the money to their bank account, and will also send you the money whenever you want to withdraw your money.

The payment methods that agents will usually accept are CIMB Bank, Maybank, Hong Leong Bank, and RHB for your deposit. The banks that we listed will also accept all the withdrawals that you wish to make. You can simply use the ATM, send money via online banking, or even visit the bank itself.

There is also a limit with withdrawals and deposit; you will need to deposit at least 10SGD/MYR to your chosen agent and withdraw at least 30MYR/SGD in most cases.

The casino agents are very fast and professional, so whenever you need to put in your deposit or need to withdraw your money, you can rest assured that your agent will answer within 24 hours.


Why Do People Love Mega888?

This is because of the impeccable service it provides. The app is straightforward to use, and it will give you all the information you need if you are a beginner. Another fantastic fact is that you could chat with other players and pick up on some of their winning strategies. They also have some user-friendly strategies that will help you win some games.

As we already mentioned above, the game graphics will make a user think that the games are actually real life because they are that good. There are many promotions and bonuses, as we mentioned before, so it keeps players coming back for more, all the time.



If you are a casino game lover, you won’t regret downloading Mega888 since it is the best online casino game on the market. The design of the games and the soundtracks are just a small part of the application giving you a fantastic experience while playing the games.

You can be sure that you will have more winnings on this app and that the Jackpots are very frequent. The bonuses also make it more appealing since Mega888 is there to ensure you will increase your earnings.

Only by searching Mega888 IOS download, or Mega888 Android download or Mega888 APK download you can be sure that you will find the download link, and you can also contact Mega KIOSK to get more information about the download process.

Mega888 offers outstanding customer service, and you can rest assure that all of your information will be safely kept inside the application itself. You can also feel safe if you thought that this app is a scam since it has all the required licenses.

The fantastic design and the storylines of the games make it even more enjoyable to play. You won’t feel overwhelmed by the colors and patterns; everything in the application and all the games are done to satisfy the needs of Mega888 customers. Remember that if you are a new customer, start by playing the slot games and then transfer to live table games and fishing games.

We hope that all the information listed above was useful.

Last updated on 19 July 2021. (All download links are up to date and safe to download)